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Fabian RossanoHi I am Fabian
And this is a story of how finding your calling, listening to your heart, and the thirst to learn more helped lay the foundations of the Fabian Rossano Studios...

Back in the days, I started as an assistant to a commercial TV movie director in South America. One thing led to another and I found myself working as a photographer at the well-known Interview Magazine. With a passion for highlighting the perfection in each click, I thrive for excellence and uniqueness. And this passion led me to explore the depths of this vibrant field. After enhancing professional knowledge and working with known apparel brands - a mission flared me up.

The mission of breathing a new life into the marketing concepts pushed me to create a platform that can outshine the industry with unique ideas and outstanding campaigns and this is how FRStudio came to life.

FRStudio is the one-stop-shop company for photography, producing printing advertisement and web development solutions. Our unmatchable creative skills, advanced knowledge, and years of experience allowed us to help the wholesale and retail apparel industry in the US and abroad.

The true amalgamation of art, design, and excellence is going to help you outshine your industry through the genuine presentation we bring to the table. No matter its visual production, photography, image editing, retouching, web development, Apps, prepress, and printing - we have got your back.


What We Do.

We bring together all of the elements of advanced design capabilities: photography, retouching, layout and design, all under one roof. By integrating high end work into a small, focused setting, the integrity of the project is never compromised.


No marketing campaign is complete without photography. It catches the attention of viewers and leaves a long-lasting impact. Our photo studio services include Look Books, Catalog shoots, E-commerce shoots and advertising ads. We also assist our clients in handling the preproduction, we can provide castings for models selection as well as stylist, hair, makeup artists and staff.

Image Editing Design

The job of creating inspirational content doesn't end at photography alone. We believe in polishing it through further skills. Retouching, layout, and desktop publishing with years of experience help us produce innovative catalogs and advertising ads that makes you and your brand stand out from the crowd. Offering photography and design services under one roof is what truly make us stand apart.

Web Development

Websites help your business earn credibility and allow you to showcase your brand to boost growth. This is the reason FRStudio presents 100% custom website and Apps solutions for the wholesale and retail apparel industry. We'll revamp your business outlook by bringing "out of the box" solutions that truly making your audience fall in love instantly. We understand each requirement of your industry and help you get the most user-friendly experience through web development.


No medium can still compete with printing in bringing entertainment and information into the hands off your audience. Printing has the most influential medium for advertising. Reaching to your prospects through their familiar catalogs and publications adds impact to your brand. And this sets us apart too. Years of printing experience give FRStudio an edge on the complexity of prepress, color accuracy, and paper selection for the right finish product.


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